The Media and Government Communication Division at The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in Cooperation With The Computers and Internet Division, Held a Workshop

The Media and Government Communication Division at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in cooperation with the Computers and Internet Division, held a workshop entitled (Formatting news and the mechanism for publishing it on university websites), in which Eng. Ahmed Al-Tufaili, Director of the Media and Government Communication Division, and lecturer Dr. Karrar Al-Kaabi, Responsible for the Computers and Internet Division, lectured.
The workshop included several topics, the most important of which was how to formulate news about scientific activities, urging the teaching staff on the importance of the media aspect, a course in raising the level of evaluation of the college’s website, and the mechanism for selecting photographs. The workshop also covered a review of the recent evaluation from the Information Research and Rehabilitation Center for the college’s website, presenting all its paragraphs, and ways to avoid previous mistakes and processed

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