Department of Anatomy


The vision of the Department of Anatomy and Histology is to become a center of providing qualitative knowledge of the basic sciences of biology, anatomy, histology and cells to the profession of veterinary medicine, as well as to those seeking to conduct research at the global level in these fields. Anatomy is a starting point for many health-related careers. We strive to give students a solid foundation in these disciplines. In addition to that, we have ambitions to provide services related to anatomy, such as mummification and specimen preparation, to higher education institutions.



Our mission as an institution of scientific and practical knowledge in histology, anatomy, embryology and biology, to ensure that all students who pass through this department of the first- and second-year students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine have completed the curriculum in these subjects at the theoretical and practical levels and have obtained a foundation of scientific knowledge that qualify them to study applied sciences in the later stages .
Moreover, we are doing the Intensive work to achieve the global institutional standards, by developing the department administratively and practically by supplementing the scientific process with solid research in the fields of science and knowledge in the specialty to be in the service of the country and developing scientific laboratories and keep updating with the latest scientific findings. One of our productive steps was opening the histological sectioning unit. to serve the scientific process in terms of preparing study samples and for postgraduate students to benefit from them in the future.


The aims

1- To be a center for providing scientific services in specialization and publishing scientific research to serve the community.
2- Build up capabilities of the staff and students to constantly improve their level of performance through continuing education.
3- Teaching students the subject of anatomy, histology, embryology, and biology in a way that qualifies the student to understand these subjects in an excellent way and help them to used it in the field of veterinary medicine .
4- Develop and update the syllabus Constantly that keep our student continuing with developed world .
5- Training the teaching staff to develop this department, produce original scientific research and supervising postgraduate studies.


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