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Department of Anatomy

Head of Department
Welcome to the department of anatomy histology and embryology web page. We have four basic subjects in this department that educate students good understanding of normal structure of adult and embryo body of animals. These are included the gross, microscopic or ultrastructural study healthy body of domestic animals. All members are working together to teach our students with excellent knowledge and diversity and to encourage the study of domestic animal anatomy; to promote research and dissemination of new knowledge of veterinary anatomy; to encourage the use of modern methods of teaching in veterinary anatomy; to promote better knowledge of anatomy in applied science and to encourage exchange of information and contacts with all interested persons and organizations. It encourages active collaboration with the International Associations of Anatomists (human anatomy) and the World Veterinary Association.
We try to create brilliant scientific environment that encouraged students to search and innovate in their careers.
Thank you for visiting the Department of Anatomy and Histology. Please feel free and share us your opinion.

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