The examination committee at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine holds an introductory seminar on preparations for the final exams

The Examination Committee at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine organized an informative seminar titled “Preparations for Final Examinations and the Role of Examination Hall Officials and Proctors.” The seminar was attended by the Esteemed Dean, Professor Dr. Karar Mohammed Abdulsada Al-HaScientific-Esteemed Scientific Assistant Dean, Professor Dr. Haider Tuama Al-Kaabi, and the Head of the Examination Committee, Esteemed Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Adnan Radeef, During the seminar, the speakers discussed ministerial and university instructions related to upcoming examinations. They emphasized the responsibilities of examination hall officials and proctors, as well as how to handle various situations that may arise during and after the exams. Several essential recommendations and guidelines were established to ensure the successful implementation of the examination plan, catering to both students and the monitoring staff in the examination halls.

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