The psychological counseling and educational guidance unit at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine holds an awareness-raising cultural seminar on the philosophy of parental righteousness in Islamic law

Under the patronage of the respected Dean, Professor Dr. Karar Mohammed Abdulsadda Al-Harris, the Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, headed by Professor Dr. Bushra Hamza Faris, held a cultural and awareness seminar titled “The Philosophy of Parental Piety in Islamic Law” in the postgraduate hall. The seminar was presented by Assistant Professor Dr. Jabbar Muhaibis Al-Fraiji from the Faculty of Basic Education. The lecture addressed three important aspects of the concept of parental piety: the meaning of piety and its connection to success, the importance of maintaining kinship ties, and the distinction between piety and obedience. It also discussed the necessity of nurturing the youth and the university community, which bears the responsibility of enlightening and educating on such a fundamental topic within the ethical and educational system for all individuals. The attendees engaged with the topic, exchanged inquiries with the lecturer, and at the end of the lecture, everyone praised the presentation and the quality of the subject. The lecturer was honored with a letter of thanks and a certificate of appreciation.

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