The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is discussing the thesis of the Higher Diploma in the specialty of animal husbandry and laboratory animal management

As part of the scientific activities of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine/Department of Physiology, Biochemistry, and Pharmacology been discussed the high diploma thesis in the specialty of Physiology and Management of Laboratory Animals by the student Sarah Raheem Farhan, titled “ Review of Prevention and Treatment of Some Skin Diseases in Rabbits ” it held on Monday, June 10, 2024 and the discussion committee consisted of:

1- Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammed Abdulgaffar Abukutaifa / Al-Qasim Green University – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Chairman

2- Assistant Professor Dr. Nu’man Abadi Mohammed / University of Kufa – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Member

3- Assistant Professor Dr. Atheer Saleh Mahdi / University of Kufa – Faculty of Agriculture – Member

4- Assistant Professor Dr. Shatha Musa Malaghi / University of Kufa -Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Member and Supervisor.

The thesis included a review and examination of optimal prevention methods and pharmaceutical treatments for some common skin diseases in rabbits. It focused on understanding and studying these diseases to cover many aspects that will allow researchers in the future to delve deeper into these diseases and attempt to treat them with the best that science, development, and medical innovations have to offer.

In the end, the committee approved the thesis and recommended granting the student the high diploma with a satisfactory grade. Congratulations to the researcher and the supervising professor.

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