Department of Clinical Sciences


1- Excellence and leadership in education and scientific research to create veterinary competencies to serve society and supplement the labor market.

2- Modernizing academic, clinical, research and education programs that are recognized nationally and internationally for their quality and innovation.

3-The Clinical Sciences Branch seeks to be a pioneer among the scientific branches of the College of Veterinary Medicine in terms of the training level of the teaching staff and in terms of the scientific and professional preparation of the students.



1-   Preparing and qualifying distinguished graduates in the field of veterinary medicine who are able to continuously learn and compete locally and regionally to meet the needs of the labor market and to serve the community by meeting the requirements of veterinary clinics and supervising livestock projects.

2-  Preparing a veterinarian scientifically, professionally, and ethically that qualifies him to be an honorable image of the veterinary medicine profession and a high example of serving the country economically through the development of livestock production projects.

3-  Developing the teaching staff and developing the spirit of scientific research by encouraging scientific research, attending conferences, and holding training courses.

4- Developing and creating specialized laboratories and scientific units in subspecialties in the field of surgery and obstetrics.

5-  Holding training workshops and seminars for veterinarians working in state institutions to maintain scientific bridges between them and the parent college, develop professional performance, and strengthen the scientific base.

6-  Strengthening the bonds of cooperation between the college and various state institutions and other colleges by conducting joint research that addresses the problems faced by livestock.



1. Direct supervision of students in the fourth and fifth stages in practice through clinical training in the veterinary teaching hospital and other training sites in order for the students to acquire the skill of diagnosing and treating internal diseases, surgical cases, and reproductive diseases.

2. Providing students with theoretical and practical sciences in the fields of internal medicine, surgery, and obstetrics, and translating these sciences practically through veterinary application in the fields and livestock projects.

3. Encouraging students to carry out applied scientific research aimed at increasing the productive capacity of livestock projects and finding appropriate solutions and scientific consultations for the public and private sectors.

4. Providing students with scientific and practical skills in the field of internal medicine, obstetrics and veterinary surgery by following the latest technologies, references and international educational websites in a way that qualifies them to practice the profession of veterinary medicine.


About the branch

The Clinical Sciences Branch is one of the important applied clinical branches in the College of Veterinary Medicine, as it includes internal medicine, surgery, and veterinary obstetrics because it supervises fourth and fifth year students through academic lectures and clinical training in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and other training centers. The branch works to prepare cadres of doctors. Veterinarians specialized in the sciences of veterinary medicine and surgery to contribute to diagnosing and treating diseases, as well as protecting animals from diseases, as well as providing the community with veterinarians familiar with the sciences of veterinary surgery, reproductive diseases, and veterinary obstetrics for the purpose of preserving livestock as they are an important economic resource






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