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Department of Clinical Sciences

Head of Department
Welcome to the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. Our department concentrations on the clinical aspects of issues dealing with domestic animals (cattle, sheep, goat and horse) small animals such as cats, dogs.
The Department of Clinical Sciences is committed to clinical and academic excellence and focuses on the issues affecting animals including cattle, sheep, goat and horses in addition to small animals such as dog and cat.The members of the Department of Clinical Sciences value professionalism,teaching skills integrity, knowledge, clinical skills, diversity, and creativity, excellence; respectful communication, innovation, cooperation and collaboration; collegiality, and a solid work ethic. These principles guide our performance and allocation of resources.
The usual major topics sciences that are teaching our staff in department: Clinical pathology, Anesthesiology, Primary Care, Radiology, AnimalSurgery, Animal Internal Medicine, Equine Medicine, theriogenology and artificial insemination. Also, our members have taught veterinary students following recent and excellent curriculum. In addition, the veterinarians in the department of Clinical science provide brilliant clinical service via consultancy and training students and customers owner of animals in local place. Undergraduate during third, fourth and fifth year, would have had teaching and getting more skills because they spend much of their time in our department, by working and learning how to diagnosis and treat the animals and prevent outbreak of diseases between animals and protect the community.
Our department produced many researches and articles which deal with local or seasonal diseases, the major researches area is included the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of cases affecting large and small animals.
We welcome you to our department page, University of Kufa / Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.
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