The Department of pathology and poultry diseases holds a workshop on the principles of tissue culture and its applications

The department of Pathology and Poultry diseases held a workshop on Monday 3/6/2024
entitled ‘Principles of tissue culture and its applications’ which is presented by Asst. Prof. Dr. Aoula Emad Al-Zebeeba and trainee veterinarian Azhar Ahmed Enad.
The workshop discussed the meaning of tissue culture and the first successful attempt made by the American scientist Ross Harrison in 1907. It also reviewed the most important applications based on the tissue culture technique, where the focus was on preparing samples for tissue sectioning. In addition to explaining the important types of tissue culture for cancer research, especially cell line culture, primary and explants culture, and the last and currently important type for simulating the micro- environment of the patient, known as 3D culture (Spheroid culture) and organ culture (Organoids culture).

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