Department of Physiology

Department Vision

The department of Physiology seeks to localize and develop humanities knowledge in society and advance the profession of veterinary medicine by preparing specialized human cadres capable of serving the community. Our goal is to provide students with the knowledge and experience necessary to assume their responsibilities in serving the community.


Department Message

Our mission is to provide students with academic and clinical foundations in the field of basic medical sciences, preparing them to become competent and capable veterinarians who are familiar with the needs of all specializations in veterinary medicine.


Department Objectives

1- Contribute to the numbers of veterinarians who are knowledgeable and competent in the field of physiology, pharmacology, and toxicology, and who are able to oversee pharmacies and veterinary laboratories.

2- Conduct scientific research related to the specializations associated with the department.

3- Educate different segments of society in the field of laboratories and medicines through holding seminars, conferences, and continuing education courses.


Department head’s speech

Based on the University of Kufa’s deep belief in the importance of raising the academic level of our dear students and its role as a fundamental pillar in improving the quality of education, we are highly interested in university activities that focus on both students and teaching staff. We strive to understand the educational process and the needs of the younger generation, ultimately aiming to prepare graduates who will proudly contribute to the nation and help advance our reality and bear responsibility. Furthermore, we aim to become a prominent landmark in the construction and development of Iraq in various fields, while also catching up with the scientific and civilizational renaissance of the world.


Assist. Prof. Mohammad T. Naqi Al-Bayati

Head of Department




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