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Department of Public Health

Head of Department
‌As Head of public health department, I take great pleasure and pride in welcoming you to one of (University of Kufa) departments, one of the first departments have been established at 2008 when faculty of Veterinary Medicine first introduced.
Accredited by Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) and Iraqi Veterinarian Syndicate (IVS),our Degree of BVMS is one of fourteenth veterinary degree nation wide. However, position of our Faculty as the head of the Iraqi veterinary faculties council and the high rank of our University between other Iraqi Universities according to the QS University ranking in recent years, put us in a leading position between all other competing faculties in Iraq.
Our unique five-year program includes training in management and control of farm animals. In addition, the students are introduced to normal and abnormal animal behaviour and signs of diseases to be able perform ideal veterinary practice. The knowledge of students is extended to a wide range of domestic animals in term of species, breeds, and strains, such as different breeds of sheep, goats, cattle, buffalo, horses, and poultry including chicken, turkey, and ducks.
The department is offering several courses to first and second year students in management and nutrition respectively to enable students keep enhancing animal’s health in better way.
Other courses dealing with dairy and meat hygiene are also introduced to the final year students. These courses are focusing on area of food processing and food hygiene. Students learn many techniques and procedures to investigate critical hazard points in food processing area applying concepts of HACCP plans. Such approach may help to protect foods consumers of animal origin from the risk of exposure to zoonotic diseases.

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