Department of Public Health

Vision of the Department

Working to make the department a locally and internationally accredited scientific institution, and striving for leadership and excellence in providing services in community health based on sound scientific foundations.


Mission of the Department

In line with the mission of the Faculty and the University of Kufa, the Department is committed to training distinguished and qualified veterinarians who are able to meet the needs of the community in the field of public health and have the ability to provide scientific research to solve the community’s health problems through the monitoring of meat and milk that takes place in slaughterhouses, cattle housing systems, Dairy farming, and dairy industries.


The basic tasks of the Department of Public Health are based on three pillars:

· Educational process: Providing an excellent educational environment for students and arming them with science to develop their intellectual level and abilities and make them responsible in society.

· Scientific research: Activating scientific research through the participation of faculty members and students in conducting research in the field of public health and disseminating knowledge to contribute to the development of the local community.

· Community service: Strengthening relations with state departments that benefit from their specializations through the provision of basic and applied research, as well as holding scientific lectures and seminars inside and outside the department.


Objectives of the Department

·Providing a database on the different methods of caring for animals and birds, which can be used to achieve the best productivity.

· Improving the use of modern technology in the performance of the educational process.

· Establishing a unit with a special character for the production of poultry and birds.

· Holding awareness lectures for breeders and farm owners on how to deal with the problems they face during their work and ways to communicate with specialists.

· Publishing scientific research in international journals with high impact factor.

· Gradually reaching the elimination of epidemic and zoonotic diseases that destroy the national economy by studying the epidemiology of diseases and using the best scientific methods to control and eliminate them in livestock and their products.

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