The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is discussing a master’s thesis for one of the graduate students in the specialty of Veterinary Physiology

As part of the scientific activities of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Department of Physiology, Biochemistry, and Pharmacology discussed the master’s thesis in the field of Veterinary Physiology for the student Ahmed Mahdi Malik on Wednesday, June 12, 2024. The thesis titled “Protective Effect of Eugenol on Nephrotoxicity and Hematological Changes Induced by Iron Overload in Male Albino Rats” aimed to evaluate the protective effects of eugenol against nephrotoxicity and hematological changes induced by iron overload in male albino rats. The study was assessed through biochemical tests, complete blood count analysis, oxidation assays, histological examination, erythropoietin levels, and kidney injury breakdown index. The current study confirmed the beneficial effects of eugenol against the harmful impact of iron overload, which stimulates nephrotoxicity and hematological toxicity through its sweeping effects on iron, antioxidants, kidney protection, blood protection, and selecting the appropriate prophylactic dose of eugenol concentration against toxic and hematological effects. The discussion committee consisted of the following members:

1- Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fouad Zidan Hamza Al-Quraishi – University of Kufa / Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Chairman.

2- Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saif Sattar Rashid Al-Aqaby – University of Kufa / Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Member

3- Assoc. Prof. Dr. Salem Faiez Kazem – Al-Kafeel University / Faculty of Pharmacy – Member.

4- Prof. Dr. Nabeel Mohammed Naji Al-Sharifi – University of Kufa / Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Member and Supervisor.

In conclusion, the committee recommended awarding the student the master’s degree with distinction, and we wish the student and the supervisor well-being, success, glory, and achievement.

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