The psychological counseling and educational guidance unit organizes an awareness-raising scientific symposium on the occasion of the upcoming final exams for the second semester of the year 2023-2024

The Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine organized an informative scientific seminar in preparation for the final exams of the second semester of the academic year 2023-2024. The seminar was aimed at students from all stages of the college and covered three main topics:

1- Reducing Exam Anxiety for Students and Empowering Them: The seminar discussed strategies to reduce exam-related anxiety and empower students.

2- Time Management and Study Task Distribution for Students: Effective time management, goal setting, task division, and methods to save time were highlighted.

3- Educational Confidence and Answering Skills in Examinations: The seminar addressed building educational confidence and developing effective answering skills during exams.

Distinguished speakers included: Dr. Bushra Hamza Faris ( Head of the Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit ), Assistant Prof. Khalil Zeinal Khalil ( Director of Registration Unit ), Assistant Prof. Ali Adnan Radeef ( Director of the Examination Committee ) During the seminar, they defined the objectives and emphasized time management techniques, such as early sleep, waking up early, quiet revision of lessons, sufficient rest, prioritization, physical exercise, nutrition, self-reward, and time monitoring. They also discussed strategies to reduce stress and psychological anxiety during exams, avoiding hindrances like staying up late, procrastination, lack of goals or plans, incomplete study, and behavioral guidelines during exams (such as proper behavior in the examination hall, standardized attire, and directing queries only to the invigilator). Additionally, students were reminded to write their names, stage, year, and subject on their answer sheets, bring all necessary materials, avoid cheating, and prioritize answering questions, The seminar aimed to equip students with effective time management skills and promote psychological well-being. It was a comprehensive session directed at students across all study levels within faculty.

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