Our vision and mission



Excellence and creativity in the field of veterinary medicine in accordance with international standards and leadership in veterinary education and scientific research to ensure animal health and the development of livestock with a cleaner environment.

The message

Preparing graduates of veterinarians and scientific staff specialized in veterinary medicine and surgery to contribute to protecting animals from diseases, diagnosing and treating their diseases, and preserving and developing livestock, as well as combating common diseases and environmental pollution.


1. Teaching students various veterinary medicine and surgery sciences within five years.

2. Providing clinical services by specialized professors and with the participation of students in diagnosing and treating animal diseases.

3. Educating animal owners and livestock and poultry raising projects in order to obtain the best ways to manage, develop and improve animal projects.

4. Maintaining human health by controlling common diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans

5. Holding courses and workshops within the continuing education unit and in various veterinary medicine specialties for veterinarians to increase and develop scientific and clinical information.

6. Conducting scientific research in various fields of veterinary medicine and working to solve the problems facing livestock in the country.

7. Graduating and developing academic qualified staff for teaching and scientific research in various veterinary specialties.

8. Improving the environment by controlling environmental pollution, which reflects positively on human health.