The psychological counseling and educational guidance unit holds a scientific symposium on autism spectrum disorder; causes, symptoms, treatment

Under the esteemed patronage of Professor Dr. Karar Mohammed Abdulsada Al-Harris, the respected dean, the Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine organized a scientific seminar titled ( Autism Spectrum Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment ) The seminar featured presentations by several distinguished speakers:
Professor Dr. Haider Hassan Al-Yaqoubi, Head of the Psychological Counseling Division at the university, Assistant Professor Dr. Ashwan Abdul Zahra Hashim, a psychiatric consultant and faculty member at the College of Medicine, Dr. Atheer Kazem Al-Khaldi, a lecturer.

The topic of the seminar was chosen due to the seriousness of autism spectrum disorder and its high prevalence among children. The following recommendations emerged from this important scientific event to raise public awareness about this condition:

1- Understanding the Causes: It is essential to understand the factors contributing to the emergence of autism spectrum disorder.

2- Early Diagnosis: Early diagnosis is crucial, and identifying affected children promptly is essential.

3- Appropriate Treatment Decisions: Expedite appropriate treatment decisions, including behavioral therapy tailored to each child’s condition.

4- Family Involvement: Encourage family therapy and social communication with children, allowing them to express their opinions and aspirations while respecting their decisions.

5- Enhanced Rehabilitation Centers: Increase the establishment of rehabilitation and treatment centers for children affected by this condition.

The seminar witnessed a significant and enthusiastic audience turnout. At its conclusion, the dean presented certificates of appreciation to the seminar speakers in recognition of their valuable efforts.

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