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A scientific achievement he is proud of in the holy city of Najaf

A researchers team at the faculty of veterinary medicine consist of Assistant Professor Dr. Hayder Mahmood Samaka and Assistant Professor Dr. Wasna’a Mohamed Abdulridha and postgraduate student Hassan Ayad Kareem have obtained a patent through their research work in developing a safe and quick method for preparing gold nanoparticles using extract of olive leaves and mixture to treat the skin fungal infections. Fascinatingly, the laboratory and clinical results (on laboratory mice) have proven a high efficiency of the prepared mixture in the treatment of skin fungal infections of mice in Laboratory, in comparison to the efficiency of traditional anti-fungal infections and without side effects, as well as the mixture is showed an effective role in the restoration of the damaged skin in the post-injury stage. This study was conducted in the laboratories of the department of microbiology at the faculty of the Veterinary Medicine / University of Kufa as part of the master project in microbiology/mycology. We congratulate the University of Kufa, the faculty of veterinary medicine, and the department of microbiology and researchers for this achievement.

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