The participation of our faculty in the scientific symposium of the lecture entitled Benicia of the Virgin’s Land Natural History (Najaf Desert)

On 2020/10/22, Assistant Professor Haider Mohammad Al-Ramahi, Head of department of clinical science at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, participated in the scientific symposium that was held virtually by the Natural History Museum and Research Center / University of Baghdad with a lecture under the title Baniqia of the Virgin’s land, Natural History (Desert of Al Najaf). Interestingly Al-Ramahi has lectured on the distinguished biodiversity in the Najaf Badia, in addition to its unique geological features that it nominates to be among the world heritage, As well as Assistant Professor Haidar Al-Ramahi was nominated as a member of the committee formed by the Ministry of Environment to include the Najaf Badia within the world heritage.

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