The microbiology Department holds a workshop on environmental and biological pollution

Under the patronage and presence of the Dean, Professor Dr. Karar Mohammed Abdulsada Al-Harris, and the Head of the Microbiology Department, Professor Dr.Kifah Fadhil Hassoon Shabba, the Microbiology Department at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Kufa, held a workshop titled “Environmental and Biological Pollution.” The workshop was delivered by Assistant Professor Dr. Fahim Mohammed Dhghim in the postgraduate hall of the department. The workshop focused on defining pollution in general, its scientific concept, and the extent of its impact and presence both internationally and locally, especially in our country. It then addressed the types of pollution, particularly environmental and biological pollution, the degree of damage and impact on various levels and scales, the extent of its spread, the conditions and factors that contributed to its formation, followed by its increase and accumulation in the environment and society. The workshop also discussed how to combat pollution, methods of elimination, and gradually eradicating its pervasive manifestations.

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