The units of women’s Affairs and psychological counseling and educational guidance at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine hold an educational seminar entitled Family upbringing with its finest model

The Women’s Affairs and Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance units at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine held an educational seminar titled “Family Upbringing at Its Finest Model” delivered by Professor Dr. Mohammed Kadhim Al-Fatlawi in the postgraduate hall on Sunday, March 31, 2024. The event was attended by a large gathering of professors, staff, and students. The lecturer emphasized the role and importance of the family, drawing upon Quranic verses and noble Prophetic sayings to discuss the molding and upbringing of individuals in a proper manner, as well as their behavioral and cognitive development across various levels and sectors. The seminar also focused on the ideal model for achieving this through diverse factors and establishing this environment in honing individuals from the beginning until adulthood, encompassing their personal, academic, and practical lives, especially within the university and student community.

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