The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine holds a seminar entitled The role of cultural, social and cognitive factors in the consolidation of mental health in the student community

The Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine held a workshop and seminar titled “The Role of Cultural, Social, and Cognitive Factors in Consolidating Mental Health in the Student Community.” The lecture was delivered by Professor Dr. Fadel Mohsen Al-Mayali in the postgraduate hall on Wednesday, 20/03/2024, with a large attendance of professors, staff, and students. The lecturer emphasized the importance of cultural upbringing, community environment, intellectual construction, and the acquisition of knowledge units in nurturing an individual’s behavior and psyche. He also discussed the projections and reflections of this upbringing on university life and the surrounding student community. It was found that the connection between all these factors significantly improves and consolidates mental health and greatly enhances the students’ well-being, provided that these factors are effectively developed and empowered in colleges and universities.

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