Visit of the Ministerial Committee to Establish a Master’s Program in Veterinary Public Health

A committee, representing the Research and Development Department of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, visited the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to assess the Faculty’s readiness to establish postgraduate/Master’s study in the field of Veterinary Public Health. The committee examined the human and material resources, ensuring compliance with the conditions outlined in the postgraduate studies regulations, number 26 for the year 1990. The committee was received by the Faculty Dean, Professor Dr. Karar Al-Haris, the Dean Assistant for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Haider Al-Kaabi, the Dean Assistant for Administrative Affairs, Assoc. Prof. Falah Bayi, the Head of the Public Health Department, Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al-Hatami, and a select group of Faculty members.

The committee conducted a field tour within the Faculty premises to inspect the Faculty’s infrastructure, particularly the research laboratories for the Public Veterinary Health Department. The committee had the opportunity to view a variety of modern and advanced laboratory equipment, in addition to several supporting devices. The committee also visited the postgraduate studies hall in the Department and observed the presentation methods used in lectures. They inspected the animal field and the poultry halls in the Faculty.

The ministerial committee expressed great satisfaction with this significant development and the Faculty’s thorough preparations. They commended the tremendous efforts made by the Faculty’s administration, dedicated faculty, and staff. The Faculty received full approval, qualifying it, God willing, to establish a Master’s program in the specialization of Veterinary Public Health. At the conclusion of the visit, the Dean presented a letter of thanks and appreciation to the committee members for their dedicated efforts and the challenges they faced in traveling.

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