The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine holds a scientific symposium on drug resistance suffered by leukemia patients

The Pathology and Poultry diseases department at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine held a workshop entitled “Statins in combination’ with Ibrutinib bypass resistance to Ibrutinib in mantle cell lymphoma’
Delivered by Assitant Prof.Dr. Ola Imad Zabiba.
The workshop addressed the drug resistance that leukemia patients suffer from, in particular a type of leukemia called Mantle cell lymphoma, to the treatment of Ibrutinib (which is a special treatment for this type of leukemia as it works to inhibit a specific protein called BTK) and finding a solution to this problem through the use of statins (which are a group of medications used for patients with high cholesterol) with Ibrutinib to restore drug sensitivity to this treatment and thus improve the health condition of patients with this type of leukemia.

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