The College of Veterinary Medicine participates in the scientific conference of Imam Al-Kadhim College

Participation in a scientific conference:
On Wednesday, 12/6/2023, the lecturer in the Public Health department (Assistant Professor Dr. Zaid Abdel Zahra Safar Ali) participated in the first specialized scientific conference held by the Imam Al-Kadhim College of Islamic Sciences – Departments of Najaf Al-Ashraf, urging the slogan (Sober Scientific Research, Iraq Gate) Towards Sustainability) for his research entitled (The effect of cyber marketing in enhancing the reputation of the tourism company – an applied study in the Horizon Travel and Tourism Company in Najaf Governorate) in collaboration with professors Dr. Salima Hadi Musa from Al-Qasim Green University and Dr. Muhammad Najm from Al-Qadisiyah University / College of Administration and Economics . The aim of this study is to measure the impact of cyber marketing in its dimensions (cyber attraction, cyber interaction, cyber retention) in enhancing the reputation of the tourism company.
The researcher used the analytical approach to interpret the results through the outputs of statistical programs approved in this field (SPSS).
A number of conclusions were reached, indicating that there is a high correlation and impact between cyber marketing in its dimensions and the reputation of the tourism company. The study recommended increasing the interest of the researched company in designing the website, as well as designing cyber digital content to suit all users, as well as following up on negative and positive comments on the company’s social networking sites and benefiting from it.
Thank you to the Imam Al-Kadhim College of Islamic Sciences, Najaf Al-Ashraf Departments, for the warm hospitality and reception.

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