Professor Dr. Nabil Muhammad Naji Al-Sharifi participates as chairman of the committee discussing a master’s thesis at the College of Veterinary Medicine/University of Mosul

On Wednesday 11/30/2022, Prof. Dr. Nabil Muhammad Naji Al-Sharifi participated as a head of viva Committee for examine a master’s dissertation in the College of Veterinary Medicine/ University of Mosul, in the specialty of veterinary physiology. The dissertation was tagged as ((The protective role of nanoscale and organic selenium in some physiological and reproductive characteristics of laying hens during forced molting)) and it submitted by Maryam Qusai Saeed.
The study aimed to reduce the economic losses in laying chicken flocks and reduce the period of their passage through molting by causing compulsory molting using corn grits with the possibility of using nano and organic selenium to improve most of the physiological and reproductive characteristics in laying hens.
The results of the study indicated the importance of nanocomposites in reducing the negative effect of molting in laying hens and improving the productive and reproductive characteristics by reducing the level of malondaldehyde and increasing glutathione, luteinizing hormone and the hormone that stimulates the growth of follicles, in addition to improving most of the histological parameters of the cortex gland.
Finally, the dissertation was accepted with a grade of excellence

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