Department of Physiology, Pharmacology and biochemistry/ Faculty of Veterinary Medicine organised a discussion of a master’s thesis for postgraduate student

On Tuesday, 14/12/ 2021, According to the scientific activities for Faculty of Veterinary Medicine/ Department of Physiology, Pharmacology and biochemistry at University of Kufa, a viva committee has been convened to exam the post graduated student Sarah Maher Hamid in her dissertation that titled: Study the effect of aqueous extract of Date and Vitamin C on the life span of frozen thawed bull semen. The research is designed to study the effect of vitamin C and date watery extract that added to sodium citrate or tris solution on the activity of sperms in male rats. In conclusion, the study found that adding these solutions with date extract and vitamin C play an important role in increasing the vital age of sperm until six hours. Finally this study has been accepted with excellent grading to get a master degree in Veterinary Physiology. The committee member has included the following:
1. Prof. Dr.Dhia Hussain Jassim Al-Delemi / Committee head / University of Al- Qadisiyah.
2. Prof. assistant Dr. Ali Ibrahim Rahim / Committee member/ University of Al Ameed.
3. Prof. assistant Dr. Majed Abed Alfatlawy/ Committee member/ University of Kufa.
4. Prof. assistant Dr. Falah Hasan Baiee/ Committee member and supervisor/ University of Kufa.

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