The participation of Dr. Mortada Hamza Al-Husseini, Head of Anatomy and Histology Branch \ College of Veterinary Medicine \ University of Kufa with a research team to publish solid scientific research at a rate of 2-3 researches annually and these researches are published in international refereed journals with high impact factor within Scopus containers (Q1)

Newly, the head of Department of the Anatomy and Histology \ Faculty of Veterinary Medicine \ University of Kufa, Assistant Professor Dr. Morteta H. Al-Medhtiy has participated with a research team from University of Cihan – Erbil – Iraq, University of Salahaddin- Erbil – Iraq, and University of Umm Al-Qura – Saudi Arabia. So the researchers published in Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences with high Impact factor (4.219) within Scopus (Q1). The article was entitled Hepatoprotective effects of methanolic extract of green tea against Thioacetamide-Induced liver injury in Sprague Dawley rats and it is confirmed that the alcoholic extract of green tea (Camellia sinensis), can be used in the treatment and protection of cirrhosis and liver fibrosis in the liver of rats induced by (Thioacetamide (TAA)). Please find the article in this link:!


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