postgraduate student has Graduated from Department of microbiology, Douaa Mohammed Mahdi

On Wednesday, 10/13/2021, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has organised discussion of a master’s degree in the department of microbiology for postgraduate student: Douaa Mohammed Mahdi at the Graduate Studies Hall.
The thesis was entitled (Bacteriological identification of genus Campylobacter and study the prevalence of some of its virulence genes in poultry) and the scientific committee consisted of Prof. Dr. Jawad Kadhum /as chairman, and Assist. Professor Zainab Jaber Hadi and Assist. Professor Ali Hadi Abbas / as members, in addition to Prof. Dr. Abdullah Obaeis Alhatami as supervisor.
The study included isolating and diagnosing Campylobacter by popular and molecular methods, for the first time in Najaf Governorate, from broiler and laying hen farms, and live broiler chicken shops, in addition to samples from a local slaughterhouse. The researcher during this study documented the genetic sequence of a total of (18) isolates of local strains for the first time in the University of Kufa, (14) strains of them were detected as Campylobacter jejuni and (4) strains of Campylobacter coli. Interestingly these strains have been recorded in the gene bank of the National Center for Information American Biotechnology (NCBI). The thesis was approved with an excellent grade. Congratulations to the student and supervisor for this achievement.

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