The First Virtual International Scientific Conference in Relationship with Breeding and Diseases of Camels

President of the University of Kufa, Prof. Dr. Yasser Lifta Hassoun, and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine have organized and sponsor the first Virtual International Scientific Conference in relationship with Breeding and Diseases of Camels, and during it many articles are discussed and presented by researchers from several countries such as Australia, Oman, UAE, Iran, France, Pakistan and Iraq. The conference started with a speech by the President of the University, who is focusing on creativity innovation of God in camels and great benefits of it, followed by the dean of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine Professor Dr. Ahmed Al-Azzam with a welcome speech and invite researchers to communicate with scientific institutions and its researchers inside and outside Iraq.
Two scientific sessions were held in which the participants presented their research via the Free Conference Call, which dealt with the development of the productivity of this animal and preserving it as a national wealth. Some aspects that promoted animal health were also addressed. At the end of the conference, which was attended by hundreds of researchers and interested persons, recommendations were summarized as follows:
First: The Ministry of Agriculture announced that camels are a national wealth that must be preserved and developed and that the year 2021 will be named the year of camel development.
Second: Inviting specialized faculties to establish scientific activities, such as local and international conferences and seminars, to focus on developing camel breeding and prevent camel diseases.
Third: Encouraging graduate students and their supervisors to conduct scientific research to develop camel breeding and enhancing its health aspects, and that includes students of undergraduate studies when conducting their graduate research.
Fourth: The necessity of providing the necessary financial support from the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture and universities for research related to camels.
Fifth: Establishing a research center specialized in one of the universities interested in camel research and providing it with all requirements and material support for it.
Sixth: Working to establish a scientific association meant to preserve camels as a national wealth and work to develop them.
Seventh: The need for specialized facilities or colleges to raise camels and diseases to update the school curricula to include what helps the graduate to acquire basic skills in dealing with camels, their conditions of breeding and their means of development.
Eighth: Emphasized on preventing illegal and unjust slaughtering of camels and issuing strict instructions in this regard.
Ninth: support the tourism facilities in the country for using camels as one of the entertainment means in them.
Tenth: the establishment of a special association for camel breeders, to be supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, universities and civil society organizations to ensure the rights of breeders and their development.

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