The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Has Organised the Viva for Postgraduate Student Miss. Zahraa Fleih Al-Waeli in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-University of Kufa

On second of March 2020, the faculty of veterinary medicine has organised the Viva for postgraduate student Miss. Zahraa Fleih Al-Waeli in faculty of veterinary medicine-university of Kufa at hall of higher studies. So, Al-Waeli awarded a master degree in veterinary pathology, under supervisor Professor Dr Ahmed Hameed Al-Azaam and her thesis is entitled Screening Pathological Study on Pulmonary Lesions in Cows Slaughtered in Al-Najaf Abattoir. Also the scientific committee was consisted of a chairman Professor Dr Eman Hashem Youssef, and Assistant Prof. Dr. Jihad Ahmed and Assistant Prof. Dr. Bushra Hamza as eximaner, in addition to Al-Azaam as supervisor. Also teaching staff and other guests have attended during the Viva. Congratulate to faculty of veterinary medicine, and to Al-Waeli and her supervisor.

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