Dean of the College Dr. Azzam met with the Regional Representative of the World Animal Health Organization

Recently, Assistant Professor Dr Ahmed Hameed Al-Azaam, the dean of veterinary medicine has met the Regional Representative of World Organisation for Animal Health Dr Ghazi Yahya and the director of general veterinary office of Iraq, and discuss different issues, problems scientific research and programs to raise and develop the levels of veterinary services and veterinary faculties. Also Dr Al-Azaam confirmed that our faculty need to increase the collaboration with the top faculties of veterinary medicine in the world to train teaching staff, and advocated to adopt the recent curriculum of veterinary medicine in the world, in addition develop the laboratories and research in national universities. The meeting also covered the important problem in our cities which is phenomenon the Stray dogs between people and rescue their life from random killed them. Subsequently, the meeting was invited to create national program to rescue life of these animals and prevent cruelty in kills them.

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