A lecturer at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine participates in the doctoral dissertation discussion Committee at the Faculty of Agriculture-Basra University

Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Majhool Al-Zalimi, teaching in the Department of Pathology and Poultry Diseases – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – University of Kufa, participated in a committee discussing a doctoral thesis in the College of Agriculture – University of Basra by researcher (Sarmad Jabbar Jaleel), tagged with the title (Comparison of the effect of the prepared probiotic  with imported one in common carp fish Cyprinus  carpio L. diets on some bacteriological , health and nutritional effects ). The study concluded that the local probiotic (produced from expired Activia milk) had a better significant effect than the imported probiotic on same bacteriological, health and nutritional effects, and that a concentration of 2% of the probiotic was the best concentration. This participation comes within the scientific activities of college teachers and scientific communication with other universities in the service of the scientific process.

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