A lecturer in the Anatomy and Histology Branch at the College of Veterinary Medicine publishes research in an international journal listed in Scopus

The article titled ”Anatomical and Morphometrical Study of Lacrimal Gland in Adult Male Indigenous Gazelle (Gazelle subgutturosa)”

In the current study, eight healthy adult males of indigenous gazelle were used after collecting them from local farms, to investigate and describe the anatomical features and blood supply of the lacrimal gland in these species. The mean live weight was about (18 kg) in healthy animals. After slaughtering these animals one after another, lacrimal gland was identified (shape, color, position, dimensions and general description of each left and right glands), photographed and the measurements was recorded in all animals which include weight of the gland, length, width, thickness and volume (water displacement), all these measurements done by using digital Verna, measurement tape, ruler and sensitive balance, also study the blood supply of gland by latex injection technique through common carotid artery. The lacrimal gland in the gazelle was located on the dorsolateral aspect of the eyeball, extended caudally along the medial surface of the zygomatic process of the frontal bone and frontal process of the zygomatic bone. The lacrimal glands were connected strongly with the periosteum of an internal side of the orbit by periorbital connective tissue. The lacrimal glands in gazelle were consist of two parts, the main part (body) and the accessory part (appendage( , the body of the lacrimal gland has lobulated irregular rectangular shape. It consists of dorsal and ventral surfaces, cranialand caudal border, medial and lateral end, the medial end was narrow while the lateral one was wide and attached with the appendage. The appendage of lacrimal gland in gazelle was large triangular elongated shape, located ventrolaterally to the body of the gland and toward the lateral canthus. The blood supplying of the lacrimal gland in gazelle came through the lacrimal artery which is a branch of the external ophthalmic artery.Due to the scarcity of researches on this gland in this animal and the importance of the lacrimal gland which play an important role in eye health, subsequently animal health in general. This study aimed to study 2 thoughtfully and in details the anatomical features of the lacrimal gland in Adult Male Indigenous Gazelle (Gazelle subgutturosa). The study was done at the department of anatomy and histology of the college of veterinary medicine, University of Baghdad/Abo-Gareeb.

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