Daily Archives: February 19, 2024

A lecturer in the Anatomy and Histology Branch at the College of Veterinary Medicine publishes research in an international journal listed in Scopus

The article titled ”Anatomical and Morphometrical Study of Lacrimal Gland in Adult Male Indigenous Gazelle (Gazelle subgutturosa)” In the current study, eight healthy adult males of indigenous gazelle were used after collecting them from local farms, to investigate and describe the anatomical features and blood supply of the lacrimal gland …

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The Anatomy Branch holds a scientific symposium on the effect of antioxidants

The lecturers, Assistant Professor Abdullah Ayed and Assistant Professor Morteta H. Al-Medhtiy, discussed the impact and effectiveness of the lead acetate.the lead acetate causes changes in the size and function of ovarian and pituitary tissues, as well as reducing estrogen production. Antioxidant substances are capable of reducing these side effects …

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