A mare as a model for insulin resistance: A review

A mare as a model for insulin resistance: A review
By: Fatima A. Ali Zainab A. Hadi Under Supervision of:
Asst.prof. Hella J. Al-Fatlawy
Insulin resistance (IR) can be developed in horses in all breeds. It is a state of reduce responsiveness of tissue to insulin despite its normal or elevated concentration in blood, the defect occur mainly in adipose tissue, skeletal muscle cells, and liver, the obesity is the common problem in equine related with IR and they show accumulation of fat in the crest, shoulders, loin, above the eyes, the insulin resistance coupled laminitis might be elicited by a lack of energy in the hoof cells due to the insulin’s inability to induce uptake of glucose normally providing the hoof with energy, in fertility the IR is affect to the dynamic of follicles, marked changes in carbohydrate metabolism and pancreatic beta -cell function occur during pregnancy in the mare, also IR effect on pregnancy in mare.

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