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Academic departments

Department of Anatomy

Head of Department Welcome to the department of anatomy histology and embryology web page. We have four basic subjects in this department that educate students good understanding of normal structure of adult and embryo body of animals. These are included the gross, microscopic or ultrastructural study healthy body of domestic …

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Department of Public Health

Head of Department ‌As Head of public health department, I take great pleasure and pride in welcoming you to one of (University of Kufa) departments, one of the first departments have been established at 2008 when faculty of Veterinary Medicine first introduced. Accredited by Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and …

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Department of Microbiology

Head of Department Welcome to the Department of Microbiology, the department was established in 2010. It is one of six academic departments in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; it provides a unique and critical binding between the basic and clinical sciences. Nineteenth members are in department, eleventh lecturers and six postgraduate …

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Department of Clinical Sciences

Head of Department Welcome to the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. Our department concentrations on the clinical aspects of issues dealing with domestic animals (cattle, sheep, goat and horse) small animals such as cats, dogs. The Department of Clinical Sciences is committed to clinical and academic excellence and focuses on …

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Department of Pathology and poultry diseases

Head of Department  Welcome for visiting the page of our department. Our department   provides a critical link between the basic and clinical sciences, as our members of department are teaching undergraduate diversity of researches area included:  recognition, the investigation and clinical assessment of disorders based on biopsy, tissue analysis and …

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Department of Physiology

Head of Department We are happy for visiting our page of Department of Physiology & Pharmacology at faculty of Veterinary Medicine at University of Kufa. Department of Physiology is teaching and upgrading science for undergraduate in first, second and third year and postgraduate students as well. We are following the …

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