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Opening the Molecular Biology Unit

The unit of molecular biology was opened at microbiology department / Faculty of veterinary medicine on 18/12/2011 in the presence of Professor Aqeel Abdul Yasin the chancellor of the University of Kufa in coinciding with the convening of first scientific student conference of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.  The goals for the opening of this unit is to  facilitate the research process for graduate students, researchers and veterinarians and providing them with modern laboratory facilities that push the scientific process in the university . This unit is equipped with the latest sophisticated equipment which is necessary for the laboratory, the equipment include:

Convention PCR

ElISA System

Fluorescent microscope

Converted microscope

UPS unit

laminar flow hood

Ultra centrifuge

Electrophoresis system

These facilities are available for postgraduates students (master and phd), research as well as for academic staff in the Faculty of veterinary medicine.



Faculty of veterinary medicine / university of Kufa was organized workshop on quality assurance adopted by the American veterinary education organization  and the academic mechanisms for accreditation of Faculties of veterinary medicine on 01/03/2012 at 10.00 AM on the Faculty of veterinary medicine / university of Kufa. The lecture was in title  (The mechanisms for accreditation of veterinary medical schools). Assist. Professor Dr Ahmed Hameed Al Azam / Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was presented a lecture regarding the accreditation. The workshop was attended by Dr. Asaad al-Janabi / vice chancellor of the University of Kufa for scientific affairs and head of the quality assurance , research and development departments and graduate studies in the university. The aforementioned organization was introduced the mechanisms of accreditation and standards certification. The speakers were stressed about the importance of improving the performance and diagnosis of the strengths and weaknesses in the performance at our faculty in order to enable our faculty to get the accreditation in the coming years. 

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