Registration division and Student Affairs

This is a division found in all faculties, and it is care about the affairs of the students within the faculty from the first day of the student's entry into faculty to extremely graduation

This division is including:

  • Registration  cadre:
  1. Zaid AbdulZahra Jaafer: Director Registration, he has a Master degree in Business management and graduated from Faculty of Administration and Economics / University of kufa.
  2. Athra Mohammad Karim: registration officer, she has a diploma in stores management.


Tasks of the Registration Division:

  • Register the students at the first stage when they admitted to the faculty.
  • Dividing students into equal groups according to the alphabet.
  • Issuing their administrative orders and sent to the presidency of the university.
  • Sending the names of students and grouping according to the faculty disciplines.
  • Issuing the administrative commands regarding penalty because of student absences (alarm. Warning. Dismissal)
  • Issuance of endorse for students requested  them after the approval of the deputy of dean for Academic Affairs and keep it  in the applicant student dossier
  • Response to the official books from the presidency of the University and other faculties and other government departments
  • Process the transferring dossier for students from one faculty to another.
  • Save all student files  after registration and add all the student activities while studying at our faculty.
  • Save all student Official documents and record it on the computer and on CDs.
  • Reply to Statistics issued by the Department of Statistics and saved.
  • Issuing the students identities.
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