Physiology department


Physiology Department seeks to settle and develop the human knowledge in the community and promote the veterinary medicine career, through development of specialized human resources capable of serving the community and increased the student knowledge and experience to be able to carry the responsibilities in the serving of society.



To provide the students with the basic fundamentals sciences, and clinical medical knowledge,  in order to prepare qualified veterinarians capable to meet the requirements of the veterinary medicine.



The important principle goals of physiology and pharmacology department are:
- To contribute in the preparing of veterinarians that are familiar with Physiology, Pharmacology and toxicology and they are able to supervise in pharmacies and veterinary laboratories.
- To conduct scientific research in the field related to physiology and pharmacology.
- To develop  awareness between different groups of society about the field of laboratory and drugs through seminars, conferences and continuing education.





Welcome From the Chief of Department

Based on the  deep faith of the University of Kufa, and the importance of upgrading science for our dearest students, and its role as a cornerstone in the process of improving the education quality , in addition, the care about the university activities that aimed toward the students and lecturer at the same time, and understand the teaching process and the requirements of the youth generation , ultimately aimed to prepare national graduates that their national belonging make our country proud to be able to promote the reality and take responsibility and to be a milestone in the construction of Iraq and its development in various fields, as well as to be able to follow up with scientific and cultural renaissance of the world.

Assist. Prof. Hussein A. Al-Bakaa
Head of Department 

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