Microbiology department


The staffs of the department of microbiology will provide excellence and innovation in the field of veterinary microbiology according to international standards and leadership in veterinary education and scientific research to ensure animal health and livestock development with a cleaner environment.



 The mission of the department is the effective integration of the disciplines of microbiology (including bacteriology, parasitology and virology) and immunology into the teaching, research, and service programs of the faculty of veterinary medicine. Through this mission, the department promotes the understanding of causes and diagnosis of disease in animals and the mechanisms by which diseases develop at the organismal, cellular and molecular, and, currently genetic levels.

The main functions of the department of veterinary microbiology are as the followings:

  • Educational process: providing an excellent learning environment for students and provide them with knowledge that will prepare them for clinical studies.
  •  Research activities: Promote and enhance the research activities in the department especially in the topics that relate to microbiology, virology, mycology and molecular biology.
  • Community service:  providing diagnostic services for animals’ diseases at the level of isolation, serology and molecular diagnostic tests, in addition to   hold seminars, lectures and workshop within and outside the department.




  • To teach students the basic concepts of the pathogens including bacteriology, virology, mycology and parasitology.
  • To expand and develop students’ perceptions about the incidence of disease caused by microorganisms and parasites as well as their life cycles and fate.
  • To work as the center for discovery, application, and dissemination of knowledge in the veterinary and microbiological sciences, for the faculty of veterinary medicine and university.
  • To deliver the veterinary diagnostic and extension services.
  • To conduct and enhance the research activities by increasing resources, expanding capacity and encouraging collaboration with different other faculty departments and disciplines.
  • To promote   research, education, service, and extension activities of the department respond to faculty, university and province needs, focusing upon opportunities in human and animal health and food safety.
  • To keep working with ensure to apply quality control criteria, both national and global quality.





Welcome From the Chief of Department

Department of microbiology performs its educational plan to accomplish their goals with  Almighty determination and the collaborative efforts of the staff of  department of microbiology and the guidance of the dean of faculty of veterinary medicine. Department of microbiology implement  a special scientific plan in order to achieve the teaching and research process and meet various need of community in addition to keep up with the process of scientific developments.

The Department of Microbiology is one of six academic departments in the faculty of Veterinary Medicine; it provides a unique and critical binding between the basic and clinical sciences. The department is responsible for teaching microbiology (Bacteriology and Mycology), parasitology, immunology and virology for year three students.

We welcome you to our department at University of Kufa / Faculty of Veterinary Medicine web site. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Head of the department 

Dr.Haidar Mahmood Ali Samaka

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