Rules and regulations

Law University Service

Law No. ( 23) for the year 2008 Law University Service

- Article - 1

First -

The provisions of this law on employee service university .

Secondly -

Means the following terms have the meanings shown of a Zaha void the trauma of this law .

The ministry - and the overalls of Higher Education and Scientific Research .

Minister - Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research .

Enterprise - the university or the institute.

University - a university official paper of the wor .

The Authority - the board of technical education.

Thirdly -

Intended bureaucrat university service , every employee is the practice of university teaching

And scientific research and scientific and technical consulting or working in the office and the overalls of Higher Education

And scientific research institutions or who are eligible faculty member ,

Stipulated in the Act and the overalls of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (40 ) for the year

1988 or any superseding law .

- Article - 2

The servant university as follows:

First -

Care students intellectually and educationally , in the interest of the nation and the nation in laying the foundations

General Society of paper DR Rti towards building a civilization of a humane method of taking the paper

Scientific thinking and practice tool for achieving those goals.

Secondly -

Do Baltdrissat theoretical and practical , applied and field training and adjusting f a rate

Laboratories and experimental fields , and maintain assets and m a good use of neck

Lectures and throwing a rate theory and practice , solving exercises and audit reports of students and persons on the rack

Research and messages .

Thirdly -

Egg Rev A scientific research in various fields.

A quarter -

Contribute to the university activities Kalmoasm cultural shows on the university and college

And graduation ceremonies and events, student and ask him to do the activities of scientific

And educational .

Fifthly -

Contribute to the authoring , translation and publishing .

VI -

Contribute to the boards and elves permanent temporary overalls inside the USA and abroad.

Seventh -

Contribute to the development of scientific departments intellectually and educationally , scientifically , and to provide a father anchored and Research

The reports , plans and curricula father of confidentiality .

Eighth -

Egg the Rev. exams and m a smooth running neck .

IX -

Contribute to the Conference seminars and workshops and a rate father of a confidential within the wor of slavery and beyond.

He lived a year -

Do the country's anchored and research proposed by the government departments and public and private sector in the range of

Cooperation between his organization and those entities .

Eleventh -

The performance of the administrative duties that cost the USA overalls or the educational institution in which it operates .

Twelfth -

Labor pain in a focused or specialized consulting offices of a lo overalls or institutions

Educational .

Thirteenth -

Presence in the scientific foundation , including at least (30) hours per week to achieve a poverty rate

Above this article .

- Article 3 -

Offers both a professor and an assistant professor and teacher report a year after each chapter includes a d a ourse

And completed his teaching of the vocabulary of the curriculum and the problems encountered , and

Proposed recommendations to solve them , and research articles published by the lectures and the general rate

Speech and proposals for the development of the curriculum and the educational institution in which it operates .

- Article - 4

First -

May not be the teacher assistant teaching students the father of a senior anchored Wallach a rack on their research

And their messages.

Secondly -

PL may be a bug of the Faculty Council , if necessary, the teacher assigned to teach Wallach on a rack

MA students only .

Thirdly -

PL may be a bug of the Faculty Council , if necessary, the teacher assigned to teach Assistant

Theoretical father in a preliminary anchored university .

- Article - 5

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research or his nominee what comes up. :

First -

Appointment or re- appointment of eligible appointment in the University Service Center

The ministry.

Secondly -

Approval of the transfer of the employees of the USA overalls servants university to university Angel

And the acceptance of their resignations and refer them to retire in accordance with the law .

Thirdly -

Approval of the transfer of servants to university outside the USA overalls and according to the law .

A quarter -

Exception of his Mi a focused scientific merit of the physical system , except from the ill

Marched from the type of acute or chronic report of a medical committee official .

Fifthly -

Upgrading or upgraded service officer at the center of the university appointed a USA overalls according to the law .

- Article - 6

First -

The president of the university or the Authority or from the center or authorized by the recommendation of the University Council

Or the Authority or the center.

-1 Set or reset of eligible service recruitment university .

-2 Appointment of staff of technicians and administrators.

Secondly -

The president of the university or the Authority or the center or upgrading of employees authorized Service

University according to the law .

Thirdly -

The University Council or the Authority or upgrade employee service center according to university

Law .

- Article - 7

First -

Deserves a full-time university employee service and lectures part-time wages to a rate of Z

To redress teaching decision and abide by the instructions of the organization structure of his work on one at a sponsored

The pain of scientific arranged .

Secondly -

The servant university full-time after the completion of redress by law when any intimacy with him

Occupation or re- appointed where it is determined by a quorum of the instructions issued by the USA on the overalls

One at a nursing pain of scientific arranged .

Thirdly -

It is not permitted for full-time university employee service under the provisions of this law , to exercise any

Act of his career for his own account outside the scope of his university unless there is text


A quarter -

Gives the university full-time employee service and a full-time science under the provisions of this Act

Allocation of university service monthly rate ( 100%) one hundred percent of the rank Monthly ,

It did not block these allocations rewards technical advice to government institutions and private

Within its competence and scientific authoring , translation and production of scientific and technical .

Fifthly -

The Minister , on the recommendation of the University Council or the Authority or the center exception servant

University full-time at his request .

VI -

Worthy servant university index of an educational institution to another allocations

Alamtia and a focused itself enjoyed by a less Rene in the organization or index to index them ,

Whichever is greater.

Seventh -

Unworthy servant university part-time , according to the provisions of this law , those who

Eligible member body was teaching allocations university service provided

In item ( a quarter ) of this Article .

Eighth -

Continue to exchange allocations university service during the holidays and the focused Allaga normal

The sick and the Aga of the situation and focused Alaivadat official . And give half of the Order with a half

Provisions for the Aga focused motherhood and a licensed LED Rissah inside and outside of the wor parchment and enjoying

The father of a confidential missions and fellowships abroad .

IX -

The Minister or his nominee on the recommendation of the University Council or the Authority or center -based

Indeed, the need to take a version of RAR full-time doctor or dentist , or veterinarian

Or chemist or engineer of non- teaching staff members of the Authority in accordance with the provisions of this Act

The grant allocations by ( 100%) one hundred percent of the allocations that they deserve

Of those in his career under the laws and regulations, whichever is more .

He lived a year -

The servant who appoints the university for the first time or transferred from government departments or

The public sector , to one of the institutions of the USA to provide educational overalls during the first father of ourse

Of his work to prove eligibility for scientific work ( academic ) , which shows its ability to search

Scientific or contribute to the translation process or the successful efforts of teaching adopted by the Council

Department and the College Board or the Institute, then prove in his job , and otherwise convey to

Outside the institution .

Eleventh -

Minister for university placement service employee covered by the provisions of this law to work in

Bureau and the overalls of Higher Education and Scientific Research period no longer than three (3) years and retains

Their rights and privileges .

Twelfth -

University Service employee who holds a master's complete d for a Rsth

A certificate of Rh proffessional inside a General parchment with ASTM A Rrh in his career and is a full-time part

D to complete a Rsth and reduced work hours , including assisted on Alastm a PL Balde with a Rissah

Retaining all their rights and Amtia a Zath during the period of the father of a Rissah, including a full-time allocations

University .

- Article 8 -

USA bear the overalls or the educational institution for treatment of employee service outside the university

No. If the General could not be treated within the wor of slavery on the basis of a report issued by a medical committee official

Competent .

- Article - 9

First -

May university placement service employee to any department of the State in accordance with the law

For a period of one year , renewable for another year on the circuit and Exchange index to all

Salaries and emoluments of its annual budget .

Secondly -

Minister agrees to n sabbatical who is the rank of professor or assistant professor or teacher

General inside or outside of a paper in the cases where that can not be a full-time inside the building

The recommendation of the University Council or the Authority or the center for a year d a confidential one or separation d of ourse

One once every five years and distract him during which all salaries and allowances of full-time

University .

Thirdly -

The Minister may approve the sabbatical for a year and one who is the rank of professor or professor

Assistant General outside a parchment if he spent two years in actual service after the reordering inside a parchment with the wor

M patrons a real need for his services in the wor of parchment .

A quarter -

The Minister shall issue instructions governing matters relating to full-time education.

- Article 10 -

First -

Worthy servant habitually leave university with a fully arranged for a period of ( 15)

Day for each year of Dr. T. confidential and may accumulate a Allaga of these focused on the employee during the Aymanh

Year father of a confidential one more than thirty (30) days.

Secondly -

Spin to account servant university Aga Zath a routine that deserved accordance with the provisions

. This law and the Civil Service Act No. 24 of 1960

Thirdly -

Worthy servant university annual holiday leave for a period of sixty (60) days ,

The President of the university that the university calls servant to perform some official duties

During the annual holiday and compensated by a similar duration during the year , or the equivalent of that of

Order and a monthly allowance , and this re- commissioning of two consecutive years , except with the consent

Employee .

A quarter -

A - worth servant university referred to retirement salaries nominal duration

Annual holiday leave amounting to sixty (60) days plus what a T. accumulate from the Aga focused

Routine that does not exceed the ( 180 ) one hundred and eighty days .

B - may be counted for a Allaga focused suffered a cumulus normal service retirement at the request of

Editorial staff of the university service .

- Article 11 -

First -

A - may extend the service professor and assistant professor on the basis of the written consent and recommendation

From the College Board and the approval of the University Council .

B - a referral is to extend the service to retire according to paragraph (a) of this item when completed

70 ) seventy years of age . )

Secondly -

This includes university law servants who retired before its release .

- Article - 12

Worthy servant or his dependents university arranged a pension equal to that received by a less Rene

Who are in the service of the Order and the allocation of university service in one of the following cases:

First -

If retired because of age and has completed a university service of not less than

25) twenty-five years . )

Secondly -

If retired for health reasons a Rev C is unable to perform his duties .

The report of the medical committee official competent regardless of length of service or age.

Thirdly -

If retired and had a service of the university thirty (30) years old and had not

Complete the legal age for referral to retirement.

A quarter -

If He died in the service no matter what the age or length of service .

- Article - 13

The university is committed to employee service laws , regulations and instructions prescribed as required

Wit a rack and university traditions and avoids anything that might prejudice to the duties of his job Scientific

And educational and administrative set forth in this law .

- Article - 14

First -

Gives technical staff working in the USA overalls and institutions allocations by

100 % ) one hundred percent of the of the Order . )

Secondly -

Granting administrative staff who require their presence with the staff of the University Service

Allocation of university service (75% ) of the seventy-five percent of the the Order .

- Article 15 -

-1 Gives aides deans and heads of academic departments in colleges and institutes allocations

Cut off the post a month ( 250,000 ) two hundred and fifty thousand dinars.

(-2 Gives Orteuroa scientific departments monthly allocations cut position ( 150,000

One hundred and fifty thousand dinars .

-3 Gives officials the administrative departments at the center of the USA overalls , universities, colleges and institutes

Monthly allocations cut position (100,000 ) one hundred thousand dinars.

- Article - 16

Coordination between the institutions and the overalls of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the USA a rate of g and others

Bo is associated with the overalls of which are as follows:

First -

Assigning some faculty or researchers in institutions and the overalls of Higher Education and Research

SAF of scientific research and experiments Rev and carry out activities related to the competence of the USA a rate of g

And others not associated with a bo overalls to develop aspects of the production and service

Compared to the wages agreed upon between the two sides and the proportion allocated not more than (80%) eighty

From percent of those wages for its participants and allocate the remaining ones of the University

College or the Authority or the institute in accordance with instructions issued by the Minister .

Secondly -

Palmlakat use of scientific and technical work in the USA the rate of g and non-related

Bo the overalls to do Baltdrissat theoretical and scientific and applied and field training and a rack Wallach

Letters to the father of a senior anchored to meet wages or bonuses specify the instructions issued by the Minister.

- Article - 17

Excluded from the provisions stipulated in this Law of the upper limit of the Order

And allocations provided for in any other law .

- Article - 18

First -

The provisions of the law and the overalls of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (40 ) of 1988

The Civil Service Act No. 24 of 1960 and the law of the discipline of state employees

And the public sector No. (14 ) of 1991 and the Unified Retirement Law No. (27 ) for the year 2006

It is No. ( 6 ) of 2005 amending the Law University Service No. ( 142 ) for the year

1976 While not specifically mentioned in the law .

Secondly -

This does not prevent the entry into force of the law to take advantage of its provisions covered by any other law .

- Article - 19

The Minister issued instructions to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of this law .

- Article - 20

The Law of the University Service number ( 142 ) of 1976 , as amended, and the regulations

And instructions issued thereunder window while awaiting what cancel or replace them .

- Article - 21

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette and which Aattaba a year from the date of


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